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Weight Loss Diets and Victoria Beckham
August 24, 2007, 5:37 pm
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Yvonne Bishop-Weston London Nutritionist It’s so frustrating, you help relieve people after 20 years of digestive agony from IBS, help distraught couples with infertility to fulfil their dreams of having a child, save stressed out high flying city slickers from nervous breakdowns, performance burn out and heart attack and you just tick along. Yes people tell their friends and refer their loved ones to you.

However just a mention your thoughts on Victoria Beckham’s latest faddy weight loss diet to a celebrity gossip magazine and all of a sudden the whole world wants to talk to you.

What is this facination with celebrities? they twitch – a million mobile phones go mad with text messages and it spreads like a forest fire around the world.

I guess we should be thankful , we are committed to helping people achieve optimum health through optimum nutrition. This particular time at least Victoria Beckham has actually chosen something that many people would actually benefit from. Seaweed and algae are both superfoods with a range of nutrients many of which are lacking in the average persons diet.

It would of course be better that people ate more brocolli, red cabbage and blackberries, and ate less meat, white bread, pasta and doughnuts and drank more water and less coffee. But people want quick fix solutions and they could certainly do a lot worse than a seaweed and algae shake.

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